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Affordable Luxury In the State of Kuwait

There are few places left in the world that are perfect for tourists and visually diverse at thesame time. Business class is always familiar with the after-work delights of Kuwait, but this ancient site of world civilization is more than a cheap centralized international business location.
If you are looking for a family vacation that they will never forget, the state of Kuwait is the affordable luxury adventure you have been looking for. Formuseum and art lovers, the treasure trove is brimming. In addition to the Bayt Al-Badir and Sadu House of Bedouin Crafting, there is also the glamorous Tareq Rajab Museum of Crown Jewels.
Kuwait City Is Your Travel Headquarters
With the long long list of attractions, there are also a large selection accommodations that you can choose from. Plus, the whole country is centralized around Kuwait City. This means that you will only need to stay in one city for the duration of your trip. For this reason, it pays to choose your hotel wisely.
Kuwait Hotels Are Affordable
With cheap hotel prices starting at affordable prices, you can expect the same amenities found at hotels in the US or Europe. There are also such a wide variety of options that you can do an easy price comparison. Throughout thecountry of Kuwait, you will find the hotels are the same names and brands that you already trust.
Their worldwide service plans are streamlined so you will not have any unexpected surprises with booking or making a reservation. Once your mind is free from lodging worries, you can relax in the surrounding well-manicured urban settings that tourists rave about.

A Natural City for Kids

For taking the kids along, the tourist attractions seem unlimited. While you will hear a lot of recommendations for Failaka Island, the Failaka Ferry, and their Arabian horseback rides, keep in mind that this archaeology site may not be right for all children. For a mixed group of ages, consider the following:

Dining in Botanical Gardens

In the evenings, there are plenty of dining opportunities adjacent to the areas that tourists stay. Locals will be sitting outside with their friends or family in one of the famous gardens scattered throughout Kuwait. Always built withshade in mind, you can visit any time of day and still endure the heat. Onepopular location is Fahd Al-Salem Street. In addition, you can visit three other amusement style parks that are part of the Kuwait Tourist EnterprisesCompany. All hotel concierges know these fun rides as Jleeb Al-Shyoukh, Sabahiya, and Shaab.
Remember to Bring A Sweater
The weather in Kuwait is hottest from the months of April to September. However, most people forget that the temperatures after dark are often chilly. For this reason, no matter what time of year you decide to visit, remember to bring a light jacket and a pair of pants.

Important Telephone Numbers and Links

  • Entertainment City - (965) 24871875
  • Musical Fountain - (965) 22428394
  • Failaka Island - http://www.failakaheritagevillage.com /
  • Failaka Ferry Rides via KPTC - (965) 25742664
  • The Tareq Rajab Museum of Crown Jewels - (965) 25317358
  • Kuwait City Zoological Park - (965) 24733389
  • Kuwait Science Club and Aujairy Observatory - (965) 25396561/2
  • Kuwait Scientific Center and IMAX Theater - http://www.tsck.org.kw/

Hotels in Kuwait

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