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Kuwait City: Book your 5 Star Luxury hotel

Vibrant, engaging and fabulous—this metropolis situated at the heart of the Persian Gulf offers the most indulgent experiences for everyone’s delight.
View of Kwait City
View of Kwait City
Source: Sophie James / Fotolia.com
Tourists who alight from the Kuwait International Airport can already exercise the art of shopping in the nearby Midas Furniture, Sultan Center and Extreme hobby and bargain a reasonable hotel room accommodation in Crown Plaza Hotel. Also proximate to the airport is the Sahara Golf and Country club that offers luxurious exclusive treats for their members.
Budget conscious business professionals get the best deals out of their business trips by availing the best price offers on a reliable price comparison authority. Ladies who make reservation to enjoy the holiday with shopping sprees, spas and clubs make return visits at the cheap buys and best price offers the City can offer.

Deluxe Hotels

Kuwait City dazzles as it is home to 3 of the 11 five-star hotels in Kuwait. Aside for the best service-oriented accommodations, these hotels are especially famous for their superb amenities—spas, gyms, pools, sports facilities among others.
Moevenpick Hotel Professionals would surely admire the business-friendly features of their rooms—a mark of quality stay with a very convenient booking system. This is also close to the Al Sabah Medical complex and the Avenues Mall.
Sheraton This hotel is convenient for those who want to keep landmarks such as the National Museum of Kuwait, Liberation Tower, Grand Mosque and Seif Palace within the hand’s reach.
JW Marriott Hotel Like Sheraton, this majestic infrastructure is near to important locations in the country. They are also equipped with complete facilities to suit and satisfy every need.

Fine Dining Splendor

With the fusion of the international flair, the city imbibes the all flavors the world has to offer. Gourmands and food connoisseurs are sure to reckon Kuwait city as one of the best places to hunt for the most delectable dishes there are.

Exciting Sights to See

Aqua Park

Persian Gulf’s finest and biggest aquatic amenity offers unlimited activity destinations for the whole family. Ladies enjoy having their dream beauty rest inside luxurious spas and wellness centers. Dads who wish to master scuba diving can hone their seaward gusto at the diving club. Proactive teens indulge in a whole day affair with volleyball along sandy beaches. Kids can explore the wonders of the undersea through huge aquarium tours. Because the amenities in this theme park can’t be covered in a day, best-price hotels are also available for the whole family. Location name: http://www.aquaparkkuwait.com/aqpage.html

Top-notch Cinemas

Kuwait is home to some of the most famous world-class 3D cinemas—Al-Sharqia, Al-Fanar, Ajyal, Metro, Plaza, Laila Gallery, Al-Sha'ab and Fardous. Equipped with sophisticated technology, viewers take pleasure in their vastness and the wide array of movie selections from both local and international scenes. Hotels that are adjacent to these attraction spots bring about a better experience for those in their holidays. Location name: http://www.cinescape.com.kw/corp/index.php

Dhow Harbor

Take a stroll the memory lane as you go and see classic ships that were used in maritime trading, pearl diving and fishing industry along the harbor. The legendary ship, Fateh El-Kheir, the sole surviving dhow used since the last century, is open for tourists. http://www.tsck.org.kw/detailPage.aspx?PageId=16

Dickson House

The remnants of the pre-20th century Kuwaiti architecture are still evident in the walls and edifice of this abode. The famous master of the house is a British officer stationed in Kuwait. As classic theme, some hotels also incorporate Dutch-inspired designs and feel for their interiors. http://www.fotolibra.com/gallery/93657/dickson-house-kuwait-architectural-heritage/

Entertainment City

Dubbed as Kuwait’s Disneyland, this entertainment complex is a 20-kilometer travel from Kuwait city’s vicinity. Designed to give total enjoyment for the whole family, everyone can have a fascinating jump at the Arab world, International World and Future world. A day spent in this place would give one a truly thought-enriching experience. Travelers who are bringing their family along would ensure that they book or make reservation at a nearby hotel for easier access to this place. Location name: http://www.kuwaittourism.com/

Failaka Heritage Village

The adventurous heart will have a wonderful sojourn riding Arabian horses and camels for a complete Middle Eastern flair. Treat your gastronomic cravings with sizzling moonlight barbeques. Stay fit with various water sports found in the Wanasa Beach. Those aside, the village can take you to a glimpse from windows of history when visiting the the Museum Palace of Sheikh Abdulla Al Salim Al Sabah. For those who want to stay in for the night, hotels and inns are convenient places to stay with the whole family. Location name: http://www.failakaheritagevillage.com/

Green Island

True to its name, the 21 kilometers of verdant wonder takes you to a feast. The relaxing greeneries give of a tropical vibe while plunging into majestic pools and dining inside exotic, first-class restaurants. Children also play their heart’s content as the Kid’s Castle. Hotels and apartments can also be found inside the island itself. Location name: http://www.kuwaittourism.com/

Ice Skating Rink

Ice enthusiasts delight at Kuwait’s enormous Ice Skating Rinks. Since a couple of decades ago, the national hockey team have been inviting international match-offs are held. Music Festivals, Awards nights and ring opens are regular spectacles. Some hotels also provide promos for their guests to avail special passes for events on the skating rinks. Location name: http://www.kuwaittourism.com/

Kuwait Towers

These Aga Khan Award-winning structures are the pride of Kuwait. Stunning 360 degree view of the city can be witnessed from the inside. Also within the building are huge tanks that could hold colossal amounts of water. Several hotels are in a proximate location and staying into one would make your excursion a walking distance. Location name: http://discoverkuwait.info/pagina.php?l=eng&s=none&a=00011

Magical Fountain

Hailed as the fourth largest fountain in the world, this manmade wonder displays color and vigor in 3D projections and laser lights. Tourists see this as a must-see especially during the hot, arid summers. Hotels offer special bargain price for this location name during off-season months. Location name: http://www.kuwaittourism.com/

Sadu House

Intricate weaving designs for carpets, rugs and tent screens made by Bedouin women are witnessed as tourists go in. Sadu is one of the hallmarks of traditional art in this country. Various hotels also feature this intricate and colorful tradition on their interiors. Location name: http://www.kuwaittourism.com/

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