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Come Explore The Beauty of North West, South Africa. Book your luxury hotel vacation today.

North West, South Africa has a little bit of something for everybody. Don't let that fool you into thinking it doesn't have an identity of its own since the entire region of North West is bursting at the seams with cultural, cosmopolitan and natural attractions that are completely unique from any other place in the entire country. The large amount of luxury hotels to stay at can seem a bit daunting - and that's where HotelSnapper.com comes in to the rescue!
Planning your vacation in North West with Hotelsnapper.com will give you the chance to explore the rich cultural heritage of the North West, take part in all the classic holiday adventures, while staying and dining at the fanciest and most popular bargain hotels that North West has to offer. We do the price comparison for you so that the booking is easy and all you have to worry about is enjoying your stay at the hotel of your choice and enjoying the best of North West at the best prices around!
We will make sure that your hotel accommodations allow you to have the treasures of the entire North West region at your fingertips! Forget about spending hours doing complicated price comparisons. Instead, Hotelsnapper.com will do the price comparison for you in regard to any aspect of your holiday or business trip that you need.
No matter what unique agenda you desire in North West, be prepared for the finest luxury hotels and dining options so that you feel like a VIP customer the entire time!

Book your hotel and explore the natural beauty of North West!:

The top hotels in North West:

- Sun City Cascades Hotel (+27 (0) 11 780-7800): Come enjoy the tumbling waters flowing through a lush tropical forest while enjoying the lavish hotel and casino right by the river’s banks- not to mention the world class, delicious cuisine and cheap adventure activities!
- The Palace of the Lost City (+27 (0) 11 780-7800): Explore this magnificent ancient palace, which was built for a power king by an ancient civilization from the north. Now it’s a luxurious hotel that offers discerning guests opulent accommodations, gorgeous architecture and some of the finest cuisine in the region, in addition to bargain sporting and leisure facilities on site.
- Tao Game Lodge (+27 (0) 11 314-4350): If you are interested in engaging in safaris with wild dogs, cheetahs and rhinos or taking part on adventurous hunting trips – then this is the hotel for you. Only 50 minutes from Johannesburg, this hotel not only has amazing natural beauty surrounding it but also has a spa and a fine restaurant that are open all year round. Look no further for the most adventurous and luxurious hotel of your dreams- all in very accessible region of North West

Top Restaurants in North West:

- Harley’s Pub and Restaurant (+27 (0)14 592-9202): Come enjoy a magnificent lunch or dinner in this historical building from the colonial era in 1940. One of the best and highest rated restaurants in North West!
- The Chyrstal Court at the Palace (+27 (0)21 794-9050): This is one of the finest and most fancy restaurants in North West. Come pamper yourself and enjoy this top-notch cuisine while enjoying the tropical jungle surroundings that North West is famous for.
You can do all of this while having your hotel and price comparison needs taken care of. North West has so much more to offer than you can even imagine, and with the price comparison already done for you- its as easy as can be. What are you waiting for? Book your holiday to North West today!

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