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Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Jeffreys Bay is located on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It is one of several famous surfing destinations. Jeffreys Bay is also known as J-Bay. There are three rivers: Seekoei, Kabeljous, and Krom that run through Jeffreys Bay. The river lagoons are excellent places for various water sports. Jeffreys Bay Hotels
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Savoy Hotel www.savoyhoteljbay.co.za Phone: +27 042-293-1106 The Savoy hotel has large rooms, a pool, lounge area and conference center. Bruce’s Restaurant is also available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The hotel is close to several Jeffreys Bay attractions and the beach. The hotel is also cheap and affordable. Make a price comparison and book a reservation now.
Bay Cove Inn Phone: +27 042- 293-2291 This hotel accommodation is actually cabins. The hotel has a pool and serves breakfast. The hotel is close to many of Jeffreys Bay sight-seeing attractions and fun activities. The hotel has bargain prices so make a price comparison and book a reservation today.
Dolphins View Jeffreys Bay www.dolphin-view.com Phone: 042-296-0594 Dolphins View Jeffreys Bay has 3 accommodation options in the Jeffreys Bay area. The Guesthouse is located in the Nature Reserve offering a peaceful stay off the ocean. The Beach House is located along the beach. The Lodge is closer to the town activities but still close to the beach. All hotel accommodations have spacious rooms and are close to shops. The Lodge has the best bargain prices. Make a price comparison today, make a reservation, and enjoy a tranquil stay at the Dolphin View Jeffreys Bay. Greystone Guest House www.jeffreysbayaccomodation.co.za Phone: +27 042- 296-0616 This hotel has several comfortable rooms. The hotel has a bed and breakfast option and is close to many of Jeffreys Bay activities and attractions. The hotel also located near a swimming beach. For guests looking to relax, the hotel has a Jacuzzi, lounge area, game room and pub. Check out the best prices the hotel has to offer and make a price comparison. Book now for a relaxing holiday.
Sea Whisper B & B Hotel www.seawhisper.co.za Phone: +27 042 293-3917 This hotel offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere close to several of the breathtaking beaches of Jeffreys Bay. The hotel has several rooms each with a private entrance. The hotel also has a pool and serves breakfast. Check out the best prices and make a price comparison. Make a reservation and enjoy a peaceful stay.

Jeffreys Bay Attractions

Things to do in Jeffreys Bay

  • Surfing: Jeffreys Bay Surf Trips; contact [email protected]
  • Golfing: Jeffreys Bay Golf Club; contact: +27 042 293- 2532
  • Fishing: J-Bay Fishing; contact: +27 083 300 3200
  • Shopping: Shell Bay Blue; contact: +27 042 293- 4409

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