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Summerstrand, South Africa

Summerstrand Beach is the sparkling crown jewel of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, and the pleasant serenity and tranquil shoreline of the Nelson Mandela Bay make it a popular travel destination for leisure vacations, tourist adventures, and business activities. Summerstrand is a seaside suburb of Port Elizabeth, which is the fifth largest city in South Africa and is known as “The Friendly City.”
Several top-notch hotels along the Eastern Cape accommodate travelers with various location, facility, size, and budget options. In addition to hotels, visitors can choose from bed-and-breakfast inns, guest houses, holiday homes, lodges, apartment rentals and suites, resort and conference centers, and self-catering style accommodations. The hotels in Summerstrand offer exceptional ocean views, delicious cuisine establishments, attentive visitor services, and clean, comfortable room environments, and several offer competitive bargain pricing.
The Robberg Nature Reserve in Summerstrand
The Robberg Nature Reserve in Summerstrand
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Hotel price comparison is common for travelers, and a Summerstrand hotel can be one of the cheapest holiday or business adventures to be secured. Booking a room or hotel accommodations is a simple process, and the friendly staff at Summerstrand hotels are trained to assist travelers with price comparison, making reservations, and booking rooms at the best price possible.

fun activities to enjoy

Summerstrand and the surrounding areas in Port Elizabeth provide visitors with plenty of interesting and fun activities to enjoy. One of the most popular cultural attractions is the Bayworld Museum Complex, which includes the Oceanarium, Snake Park, Port Elizabeth Museum, and No 7 Castle Hill Museum. Guided tours are available, group visits are welcome, and function venues and meeting facilities can be reserved for visitors’ use. For hours of operation, prices, bookings and more information, call Bayworld at +27 (0)41 584-0650, facsimile to +27 (0)41 584 0661, send email to [email protected]

points of interest

Other Summerstrand points of interest include the Cape Recife Nature Reserve and the adjacent 133-year-old Cape Recife lighthouse, the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, and the Humewood Golf Club. The Humewood Golf Club, has hosted several PGA events, including the South African open, and its famous links attract avid golfers from all over the world. A selection of South African art, especially from the Eastern Cape can be explored at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, 1 Park Drive, Central Port Elizabeth (St. George's Park entrance) +27 (0)41 506-2000.

golden beaches

The golden beaches and warm waters are perhaps the greatest attraction for most visitors to the Port Elizabeth and Summerstrand area. Popular beaches are Hobie Beach and Pollock Beach, with water sport activities including windsurfing, yachting, sailing, surfing, and scuba diving. On days away from the beach, visitors flock to the Boardwalk Casino and Shopping Complex, [email protected], for all-ages entertainment that mixes shopping, gaming, arcade fun, comedy, and music in a delightful setting amidst several manmade lakes and gardens that are illuminated at night by thousands of Tivoli lights.


History buffs will enjoy the Donkin Heritage Trail that winds through the historic center of Port Elizabeth and traces the footsteps of the 1820 settlers, with several shopping spots and unique points of interest along the way. The Donkin Reserves, Pyramid, and Lighthouse at Belmont Terrace in Central Port Elizabeth provide more information athttp://www.nmbt.co.za. Visitors can also telephone +27(0)41 585 8884 or facsimile +27 (0)41 585 2564.

especially exciting for visitors

The EzamaXhosa Craft is especially exciting for visitors; the name means “belonging to the Xhosa people,” and the African craft market features genuine handmade arts and crafts by the Xhosa people. Colorful, detailed, artisanal works include pottery, leatherwork, textiles, beadwork, woodwork, and traditional clothing and accessories crafted by more than 145 contributors from the Eastern Cape and nearby villages. The EzamaXhosa Craft address is Shop 16, The Boardwalk, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, telephone +27 (0) 41 583-1063, or see

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