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Find your Guest House in Welkom

Welkom, South Africa is known for its abundance of gold fields, but it can also be a great location for travel offering unique accommodations that are rich in South African culture.
In keeping with its heritage, the Gold Museum offers great history and information Welkom's rare status as a major gold-producer. Welkom is also home to a host of beautiful memorials. For those who want a more fast-paced, Western experience, the Phakisa Raceway is a huge stadium that always has exciting events. The raceway seats 60,000 spectators and hosts car, road bike, and other motorized races.
After a day of cultural sight-seeing and watching breathtaking racing events, travelers can find cheap hotel accommodation at a number of great hotels. Some of the most popular hotels, referred to as "Guesthouses" in Welkom, offer rooms that reflect Welkom's heritage with golden decorations. Price comparisons show that some of the best bargains are made through booking a hotel early and online.
The Au Jardin guesthouse offers a luxury experience with one-on-one service. The Acacia Hof Guest House accommodates guests who are staying longer periods of time, and Blue Crane Guesthouse has a modern, updated style.
Some of the best experiences in Welkom come from exploring local shops and attractions. While there are a lot of exciting adventures to be had, Welkom is generally a quieter place better suited to relaxing and daytime exploring. Because of this atmosphere, choosing a hotel that fits your needs is very important.
Finally, Welkom, South Africa is home to several exotic species native to the African landscape. Tourists can enjoy these animals by visiting the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve. In addition to animal-spotting, the space offers tennis, fishing, a swimming pool, and a restaurant.
Top Hotels in Welkom, South Africa Au Jardin Blue Crane Acacia Hof
Top Attractions in Welkom, South Africa Historical Monuments Nature Preserves (Sanveld Nature Preserve and Willem Pretoius Game Reserve) The Gold Museum The Phakisa Raceway
While almost all of the hotels in Welkom have a restaurant on site, there are many others that would suit the needs of any visitor. You can obtain authentic South African cuisine or find other international favorites. A great place to start is Panarotti's Pizza and Pasta restaurant. The Red Ox Restaurant offers high-end steaks and dinner platters. The hotel of your choice may offer free continental breakfasts and room service for late night cravings.

Top Restaurants in Welkom

Porto Santo Restaurant
Ocean Basket
Panarotti's Pizza
Mustang Pub
Fumagalli's Restuarant
In sum, a trip to Welkom can be as relaxing or exciting as you make it. Its heritage in the gold industry makes for a unique culture one would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Finding a cheap hotel that suits your needs only improves the South African experience. South Africans are known for their great customer service. By doing a quick price comparison, it is easy to find the cheapest hotel accommodation. Make use of online reservation services for quick, hassle-free accomodation service.

Top Hotels Welkom

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