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Benoni South Africa Best Hotel and Attraction Deals

Finding a cheap hotel in Benoni [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benoni,_Gauteng] is much easier than you might expect in this city full of unexpected delights and bargains. Any price comparison of Benoni hotel rooms with big cities hotel rooms in nearby Johannesburg makes it clear that South Africa's best bargains are found in this multi-cultural oasis amid South Africa's heartland.
Benoni Hotel Choices
Visitors to Benoni are delighted by bargain hotel choices with charming rooms offered in beautiful locations. Whether you need a hotel for a family vacation, holiday stay or business trip to Benoni, it's not hard to find the best price on a hotel with all the extras. When you make a reservation at a Benoni hotel you'll find the kind of personal touches money can't buy.
- If you are looking for a perfect romantic getaway hotel in Benoni, the Homestead Lake Cottage [http://www.homesteadcottage.co.za/] (+27 11 425 1765 0) is a quaint Benoni hotel with a tranquil setting.
- For conferences and meetings, you can be sure your guests are treated like royalty at the Benoni Lake Golf Club [http://www.g-i.co.za/clubs/?c=251] (+27 (0)11 421 1241), a luxury resort hotel where after business you can tackle their challenging fairway along the lake by the hotel.
- Families and couples looking for more exotic Benoni hotel accommodations are impressed by the surprisingly cheap rooms at the Afrika Lodge [http://www.afrikalodge.co.za/] (+27 11 391-8108 ) with thatched roof bungalows set around the posh hotel grounds.

Benoni Attractions

- A family favorite is the Bunny Park in Benoni [http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide-2760519-bunny_park_johannesburg-i] (+27 11 422 3651) where children and their parents, or grandparents, can enjoy interacting with animals in nature.
- Fans of unusual sports will want to check out a cricket games at Benoni Willowmoore Park [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willowmoore_Park]( (051) 447 5715) where international tournaments are frequently held.
- History buffs will enjoy a trip to the Benoni Museum [http://www.museumsonline.co.za/view.asp?pg=museums&pgopt=item&ItemID=291] (011-741-6231/ 5) that outlines the glamorous and turbulent past of Benoni, especially the Rand Revolt in 1922.

Benoni Adventures

- Rent a 4x4 vehicle [http://www.4x4offroadclub.co.za/feature.asp] (082 603 8321) to take on the wild lands around Benoni to explore the hills and grasslands and set up camp by a river to enjoy the African sunset.
- For a guided Benoni tour, join one of the many safaris like the African Adventure Club [http://www.cylex.co.za/company/african-adventure-club-17767211.html] (011 425 4335) that will pick you up at your hotel and take you to see the native animals in their natural habitat.

Benoni Dining

- Indulge in the delights of the sea at Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill [http://www.letscheckthemenu.co.za/gauteng/item/fahrenheit-seafood-grill-benoni.html] (+27 (0)11 452 9704) where you can book a room to provide a buffet lunch for your conference or a romantic table for two in their lush outdoor garden.
- Families enjoy a trip to Mikes Kitchen [http://www.restaurants.co.za/details.asp?resId=3638] (+27 (0)11 969 5184) with a kid friendly salad bar and carving station.
- Hang out at the Trattoria Venezia Restaurant [http://www.tuugo.co.za/Companies/venezia-restaurant-and-coffee-bar/0260003327557] (011 425 1199) in their comfy coffee house or take a fabulous authentic pizza back to your Benoni hotel room.

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