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Online booking for hotels & attractions in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

The capital of the province of KwaZulu-Natal, the city of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa is awash in culture and history. As such, this centrally-located capital has plenty of things to keep a visitor enthralled. Consequently, Pietermaritzburg is the perfect place to visit on holiday, for business, or just for a bit of sight-seeing. But what happens after you fill your days with fun and excitement? Sleep, that's what! You'll need a hotel, and if you want to find the best hotel bargains anywhere, you need to visit HotelSnapper.com. Read on to learn more about Pietermaritzburg, and how HotelSnapper.com can help make your visit a true success.


The currency of South Africa is the South African Rand. If your native currency is the U.S. Dollar, British Pound, or the Euro, you will be pleasantly surprised with the favorable exchange rates you'll enjoy. Incidentally, you can save even more on your hotel / accommodation when you use HotelSnapper.com to book the cheapest hotels anywhere!


Getting to Pietermaritzburg is really very easy. Located on a major highway, transit to and from Pietermaritzburg is easily accomplished via car or bus. Additionally, you can get to Pietermaritzburg by train from several major cities, including Durban & Cape Town.


Pietermaritzburg is full to bursting with culture, history, and peaceful, relaxing vibes. So, take a look outside your hotel room, and see what there is to see! Here's just a taste of why you'll arrive in your hotel room at the end of the night with an exhausted smile on your face:
* Just go walking! Pietermaritzburg is rich in history - step out your door, and step back in time.
* The town social hub for 150+ years, Alexandra Park still serves as a place to see and be seen. Visitors will be treated to everything from live concerts and art shows to the joy of simply strolling around the park's 160-plus acres. No dedicated website exists, but for more information about the park itself, as well as hosted events, you can call +27 033 345 1348.
* Art enthusiasts will love a visit to the Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery. The gallery itself shares space with the Butterflies for Africa complex, a large walk-through monkey, iguana, and butterfly house / exhibit. Art in the gallery is available for sale. Contact: +27 33 387 1356
* Looking for something a bit more pulse-elevating? Check out the Pietermaritzburg branch of Skydiving Durban! Call +27 072 214 6040


Let's face it, one day just isn't enough to take in all the history, culture, and plain, old-fashioned fun that Pietermaritzburg has to offer... which is why you need a hotel! Obviously, you want the best price, and that's where Hotelsnapper.com comes in! We're here t help you book your hotel, and not only that, we'll book your hotel for you at the lowest, best-bargain price around! Read on to see a sampling of the hotels and accommodation available in Pietermaritzburg.
* The Wensleydale Guest Lodge will make you feel like you're on safari... if safaris were taken in luxury hotel suites! You can go for the full treatment, as it were, or, if you'd rather, you can specify your preference for self-catering arrangements. To learn more, call +27 033 346 1302
* An alternative to the sometimes impersonal hotel option, Bancroft Bed & Breakfast is a small B&B that will make sure you have all the comforts of home for your visit to Pietermaritzburg. To learn more, just call +27 033 343 1957.
* Another hotel alternative (and also a bed & breakfast), the Yes Please B&B is a great option for your lodging needs while you visit Pietermaritzburg. In addition to giving you a homey alternative to a large hotel (and all the comforts that entails), Yes Please provides transfers to the King Shaka International Airport.
As you can see, no matter your reason for visiting Pietermaritzburg, fun and excitement await! Just don't forget that, at the end of the day, fun & excitement are best followed by a good night's sleep. For that, you need a hotel, and for booking your hotel at a bargain price, there's only one choice: HotelSnapper.com.

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