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Safari Lodges and hotels in Nelspruit, South Africa

Nelspruit South Africa is a very popular stop when visiting in South Africa because it is located on the Crocodile River and is very close to the Kruger National Park. Some of the most popular things to do in this beautiful town is outdoors – whether it’s on the river or spending time checking out the various types of game that Africa is known for – including the Big 5.
Loweld Botanical Garden in Nelspruit
Loweld Botanical Garden in Nelspruit
Source: KarelGallas / iStockphoto.com
You can find a number of cheap hotels in Nelspruit South Africa, especially when you take the time to do a price comparison. Bargain hotels can help you book a room without spending a lot of money so that you can take advantage of all of the different attractions that Nelspruit South Africa has to offer. You can get to Nelspruit South Africa in many different ways and it is about 200 miles east of Johannesburg.
As you look for things to do in and around Nelspruit South Africa, you can also look under Mbombela, which is the new name of the city. The official city site is: http://www.mbombela.gov.za/

Choose Top Nelspruit South Africa Hotels

When you want to find a gorgeous hotel in Nelspruit South Africa, you should check out the following hotels:
Many of the cheap hotels in Nelspruit South Africa have a number of things to do inside of them. Some have casinos while others have golf courses so that you can keep yourself busy in many different ways. Find accommodation to stay for a holiday/business trip and have access to many of the industries that Nelspruit South Africa is known for, including furniture, citrus fruit as well as delicious avocados and macadamia nuts.
The hotel that you find in Nelspruit South Africa can be a bargain when you do a price comparison, too. Locate a hotel with a restaurant so that you always know where to eat your next meal, too.

Find Cheap Hotels in Nelspruit South Africa Near Things to Do

There are many different things to do in Nelspruit South Africa, too. Some are right at your hotel while others are just a short drive or taxi trip away.
You can ask the staff at the hotel about the newly built Mbombela stadium and find out if there are any soccer games going on while you are staying for your holiday or business trip. You can also choose to kayak around Nelspruit South Africa for a little bit of recreation. Take a tour of the chimpanzees as Jane Goodall did at Chimp Eden or book any number of tours to get out of your hotel room for awhile to see the Big 5 during a safari trip.

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