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Best Hotels and Guesthouses in Franschhoek - South Africa's Nappa Valley

When one thinks of Africa in general, and of South Africa in particular, world-class wine is perhaps the last image their brains conjure up. However, that's exactly what you'll find should you decide to visit Franschhoek, a city as rich in history as it is in good food and drink. Predictably, there will come a point during your stay in Franschhoek when you've had all the food, fun, and wine a person can handle... in which case, it will be time for bed... but what do you do? Where do you go? A hotel (or other accommodation), of course! Read on to discover both the ins and outs of this charming city, and how HotelSnapper.com can give you both sweet dreams AND a sweet deal on accommodation.


South Africa uses the South African Rand (ZAR). Visitors from select countries will find the exchange rates to be quite favorable, thus opening the doors to even better hotel & activity bargains!


The most scenic way to get to Franschhoek is by car, either from Paarl, or the longer, more famous route from Villiersdorp. Taxi service is also available.


As you might imagine, Franschhoek is all about two things: History and gastronomy. The town was originally a French settlement, populated with people on the run from the Inquisition. As such, Franschhoek is a delightful mix of Dutch and French influences. Here is a sample of activities and things to do while you visit:
* What would a good French-influenced city be without a Bastille Day celebration? Want to get a taste of Paris on the cheap? Come to Franschhoek... don't forget to book your hotel early on HotelSnapper.com! You can visit http://www.franschhoek.co.za/bastille.html for more information.
* In addition to their ability to arrange a place to stay and transfers to Cape Town, The Winelands Experience is, as you may have guessed, able to arrange tours of Franschhoek's wine country. They aren't to be missed! To learn more, call +27 021 876 4042 or visit www.winelands.travel .
* Franschhoek, rather than being simply another example of urban sprawl, is compact in the tradition of continental, Old-World cities. As a result, sight-seeing, sampling the food & drink, fishing, and bike tours are the main attractions. History abounds, with churches, memorials, and of course, the wineries themselves ready for your perusal. To get an idea of what you might see, places to go, etc., visit http://www.franschhoek.org.za/


It's time to pick a hotel in Franschhoek! Once you've been filled to bursting with food and wine, or walked the length & breadth of Franschhoek, the next item on your list will likely be finding a nice place to sleep. You're in luck there, because HotelSnapper.com can get you the best bargains around on hotels and accomodation! Read on to find out what you can expect in the way of accommodation in Franschhoek...
* As previously stated, The Winelands Experience can put you up during your visit. It's more intimate than a hotel, and reviews are favorable. Visit http://www.winelands.travel/ to learn more.
* An alternative to larger hotels, La Chataine Wines will make you feel as though you're living in a painting. These self-catering cabins are right on the river, and include a private wine tasting.
* La Galiniere Guest Cottages are another self-catering hotel alternative; They are situated more on the budget end of the spectrum - but only in terms of price! Like many of the other buildings here, it is part of a wine concern.
While it must be clear to you by now that Franschhoek is a marvel, what you've read about attractions & hotels in Franschhoek is merely a sampling! To get the full experience, and to save a bundle doing it, head over to Hotelsnapper.com to learn more about your destination, book your hotels and accommodation, and let the fun begin!

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